Our Busi­ness Elec­tric­ity and Gas prices are some of the best rates on the mar­ket, so if you’ve been look­ing to com­pare the elec­tric­ity or Gas sup­ply busi­ness rates, then we can help! We pro­vide busi­ness elec­tric­ity audits to busi­nesses that need to assess their bud­get and/or want to reduce their energy consumption.

If you have a half hourly max­i­mum demand smart meter or are a micro busi­ness elec­tric­ity user, we will search the mar­ket place and find you the best busi­ness elec­tric­ity rates. Call Now 0161 507 0907 for a Free Busi­ness Elec­tric­ity Quotation

We can offer your Busi­ness a range of gas & elec­tric­ity prod­ucts to suit all types of busi­nesses; our expe­ri­enced energy advi­sors will help you select the best Fixed Priced Con­tract most suited to your energy needs.

How To Lower Energy Costs — Fixed Price Contracts

A fixed price con­tract is where the sup­plier has agreed to fix the con­tract price with the Client for a spec­i­fied period. Con­sumers on a fixed price con­tract may pay more than those on an Index Tracker Con­tract, but the ben­e­fits can be know­ing in advance what your charges will be and hope­fully, avoid­ing any indus­try price increases that could rea­son­ably be expected dur­ing the life of the contract.

A fixed price con­tract is not a fixed amount per month, it is a fixed amount per kWh, so bills will depen­d upon con­sump­tion, but we can offer you a free gas or busi­ness elec­tric­ity quo­ta­tion, with no oblig­a­tion and also a busi­ness elec­tric­ity audit for your premises.

UK Busi­ness Gas & Elec­tric­ity — Index Trackers

If you have more com­plex require­ments, we can offer a range of Index Tracker Prod­ucts, which allow you to be more flex­i­ble to chang­ing energy prices through­out the year. With an Index Tracker Con­tract, your pur­chas­ing is typ­i­cally spread across the con­tract period, allow­ing you to mon­i­tor the mar­ket and poten­tially ben­e­fit from lower prices. UK busi­ness elec­tric­ity can seem hard to find, but we will scour the mar­ket to find you the best deal avail­able, and our index track­ers are one of the many ways on which we can help save you money.

Busi­ness Elec­tric­ity & Gas Rates

For all your busi­ness Gas & Elec­tric­ity rates, trust our advi­sors who have a wide range of knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence to get you the best quote pos­si­ble.  This is busi­ness Gas & elec­tric­ity with­out all the headache!

Half hourly meters

Busi­ness Elec­tric­ity will examine your exist­ing rates and con­sump­tion patterns.

LED lighting

LED lighting can drastically reduce your electricity bills. Contact us to find out more.

Online reporting

Take control of your electricity consumption with our online data service.

Voltage optimisation

Save money by reducing the voltage you use without affecting efficiency.